Livadia. Roses and Romanov family
by Yuta Arbatskaya, Konstantyn Vikhlyayev
Simferopol: Business-Inform, 2013 - 328 p.; pict.

ISBN 978-966-648-303-7

    Livadia and roses. In memoirs of visitors of Crimea this corner Southern coast always associated with the huge sea of blossoming roses, and only last 30 years symbol of Livadia - a rose - is lost. All history of floriculture in Crimea is a turn of triumphes and tragedies. Roses here that appeared in indescribable quantity that vanished for long years, and such wavy interest to culture of cultivation of " Queen of flowers » is characteristic not only for Livadia, but also for all Southern coast of Crimea. It is connected, on the one hand with change of owners of manors, and with another - with political events in our country. But invariable roses as the Phoenix from ashes, again and again revived on this fertile land.

Nikolai Kostetsky: thorns and roses
by Yuta Arbatskaya, Konstantyn Vikhlyayev
Simferopol: N.Orianda, 2012 - 136 p.; pict.

ISBN 978-966-1691-56-7

     N. Kostetsky, who was a gifted agriculturalist, lecturer and theoretician of agricultural economy, within last 10 years of his life had worked at Nikitsky Botanical Garden and within rather short period of time he had created over 30 rose cultivars. The scientific basis of roses selection, which had been founded by him, had given the Nikitsky Botanical Garden an opportunity to become a leader in the country's rose breeding in 1960-1980s...

Imperial Rose Garden
by Yuta Arbatskaya, Konstantyn Vikhlyayev
Simferopol: N.Orianda, 2013 - 224 p.; pict.

ISBN 978-966-1691-52-9

    A unique project of the virtual "Imperial Rose Garden" is represented by Crimean authors that were carried away by the beauty of roses and the Russian history.
    For the first time all roses created by the breeders of different countries and called in honour of the members of Russian emperor Romanov family are systemized and described. The book includes the period of Russian history from the times of Catherine II till nowadays and is dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov. Some of the roses mentioned in the book are kept in European roses-museums, and it gives us hope that virtual garden can be realized in reality...

Rose Garden of Russian Nobility
by Yuta Arbatskaya, Konstantyn Vikhlyayev
Simferopol: N.Orianda, 2013 - 248 p.; pict.

ISBN 978-966-1691-71-0

    This edition is a sequel of the book "Imperial Rose Garden". In the first book tells the reader about members of the House of Romanov and the grades of roses named in their honor. As for this book it contains sketches about destinies of Russian aristocrats, militarians and businessmen in whose honor breeders from different countries named roses. The book covers the time period from 1917 till 1917 and serves an embodiment of the main idea: to create a museum-rosary where all grades of roses ever dedicated to the figures of Russian history will be collected...

The Roses of Chekhov's White Dacha in Yalta
by Yuta Arbatskaya, Konstantyn Vikhlyayev
Simferopol: N.Orianda, 2011

ISBN 978-966-1691-46-8

     Anton Chekhov was not only the writer, but also the gardener. In 1898 in Yalta he has constructed the house which has named "White Dacha". Around of the house he has planted a lot of flowers and trees. Among plants there were 68 grades of roses which he has planted itself...

Tale about lifes and adventures of the valorous knight Nikolai Anhorn von Hartwiss in Crimea and about his beautiful roses
by Yuta Arbatskaya, Konstantyn Vikhlyayev
Simferopol: Business-Inform, 2011 - 200 p.; pict.

ISBN 978-966-648-282-5

    Until lately the life and creative activities of Nikolai Anhorn von Hartwiss, the second director of the Imperial Nikitsky Botanical Garden was almost unknown to the world science. Only now, in recent years a number of different publications about that extraordinary man appeared. The spectrum of his professional interests was so wide-ranging that it will take more than one study to render homage to the contribution of N. von Hartwiss to the national science. For the first time the authors of the book tried to summarize archival data on the work of N. von Hartwiss in selection of roses. The book also gives the former unknown details of his biography and genealogy...