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     The Association Rose Amateurs of Crimea was founded on December 2012 as public organization. The tasks of Association are a search, study and preservation of historical roses in Crimea.
     Before 1917 there are a lot of roses and rose gardens in Crimea. In a soviet period all South coast of Crimea grew into a grandiose rose garden, but in the years of re-erecting (perestroika) many roses disappeared very much. Therefore one of our tasks is a revival of rose glory of Crimea and popularization of rose culture among young people.
     Peninsula Crimea is washed the Black sea, but a climate on territory of Crimea is different. For example, the Chinese R. banksiae do not grow in steppe part of Crimea, and on the South coast they found the second motherland. A climatic area of the South coast of Crimea is dry subtropik (zone USDA 7b-8a).
     In Crimea, especially in a seashore area, there are many old gardens and parks age of which 150-200 years. In each of them there are roses, sometimes very rare and ancient. Our Association co-operates with these parks on questions of introduction and preservation of roses, and also conducts scientific conferences.

     Priority directions activity of Association it is been:

  1. Search of roses named in honour the persons of Russian history and creation of Heritage Rose Garden;
  2. Returning of the Crimean rose varieties in gardens and parks of Crimea from the European conservatories;
  3. Edition of books about history of roses in Crimea and Russia, about history of the French and German roses in Russia, about history of gardens and parks of Crimea.

We co-operate with all Rose Societies in the world.


Konstantyn Vikhlyayev – President
Yuta Arbatskaya – Vice President
Alex Homenchuk – Secretary

The address and phones of Association:

Market “Book House”, department “Flowers”
Moskovskaya St., 9 A
Yalta, Crimea

E-mail: kajuta@inbox.ru
Tel. +7 978 825 24 84

     Membership in Association is free-of-charge and voluntary. If you want to become a member of Association, please, fill the form and send it to the address of kajuta@inbox.ru :