Rose Garden of Russian Nobility

     This edition is a sequel of the book "Imperial Rose Garden". In the first book tells the reader about members of the House of Romanov and the grades of roses named in their honor. As for this book it contains sketches about destinies of Russian aristocrats, militarians and businessmen in whose honor breeders from different countries named roses. The book covers the time period from 1917 till 1917 and serves an embodiment of the main idea: to create a museum-rosary where all grades of roses ever dedicated to the figures of Russian history will be collected...

    The book contains 43 historical stories with numerous color illustrations. Each sketch is a history of the name of a rose, its description and the story about destiny of the person to which this or that grade of a rose is devoted. There are stories between sketches about some rose gardens of the world created as a collection of historical grades and showing preservation of a cultural heritage of certain region or the nation.

    Both volumes are issued by a series "Russian Historical Rosary". So conditionally we have named a virtual rose garden in which blossom more than 250 grades having in their names "Russian trace". On pages of the book the reader can find avenues, corners as well as in the present rose garden.

    Some fragments from the book "Rose Garden of Russian Nobility" are published here (in Russian):

    Photo gallery of some rose grades here:

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    About authors:

Yuta Arbatskaya during 20 years worked in Nikitsky botanical garden as the landscape architect. The author of a different kind of projects and scientific publications. She is author more than 100 scientific and popular scientific articles. Awards: rank "Patron of art of Year" in Republican competition of museums of Crimea (2010), Chekhov's literary premium of the Crimea (2012). Now she works as main landscape architect at Alupka Palace-Museum. Interests: history of landscape architecture and landscape gardening art of Southern coast of Crimea, history of roses, history of Russian emigration.

Konstantyn Vikhlyayev - the historian, the regional specialist, the publicist, the author of popular scientific editions and poetic collections of "Aurora's Diaries" (2007) and "Calm" (2009). He is member of the Union of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus writers of Crimea and member Yalta branch of "League of protection of culture". The President of public organization "Association Rose Amateurs of Crimea". He is winner of the Chekhov's Crimean literary award (2012).