Imperial Rose Garden

    A unique project of the virtual "Imperial Rose Garden" is represented by Crimean authors that were carried away by the beauty of roses and the Russian history.
    For the first time all roses created by the breeders of different countries and called in honour of the members of Russian emperor Romanov family are systemized and described. The book includes the period of Russian history from the times of Catherine II till nowadays and is dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov. Some of the roses mentioned in the book are kept in European roses-museums, and it gives us hope that virtual garden can be realized in reality...

     Studying Romanov's biographies to which roses have been devoted, we meaningly chose only the facts and events which characterize the spiritual and creative beginning in the person, that is, described the Person, as the Rose, in the highest understanding of this word. We were imposed, first of all, by hobbies of Russian monarches and their native gardening, patronage of arts and charity, orthodox culture and distribution of all of these universal values among the citizens. And it is unimportant, where they could show these qualities, - in Russia or behind its limits. Main is a high service and self-sacrifice which have created to members of an imperial surname in the Europe such authority, that roses with their names should appear.

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    About authors:

Yuta Arbatskaya during 20 years worked in Nikitsky botanical garden as the landscape architect. The author of a different kind of projects and scientific publications. She is author more than 100 scientific and popular scientific articles. Awards: rank "Patron of art of Year" in Republican competition of museums of Crimea (2010), Chekhov's literary premium of the Crimea (2012). Now she works as main landscape architect at Alupka Palace-Museum. Interests: history of landscape architecture and landscape gardening art of Southern coast of Crimea, history of roses, history of Russian emigration.

Konstantyn Vikhlyayev - the historian, the regional specialist, the publicist, the author of popular scientific editions and poetic collections of "Aurora's Diaries" (2007) and "Calm" (2009). He is member of the Union of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus writers of Crimea and member Yalta branch of "League of protection of culture". The President of public organization "Association Rose Amateurs of Crimea". He is winner of the Chekhov's Crimean literary award (2012).