Nikolai Kostetsky: thorns and roses

     N. Kostetsky, who was a gifted agriculturalist, lecturer and theoretician of agricultural economy, within last 10 years of his life had worked at Nikitsky Botanical Garden and within rather short period of time he had created over 30 rose cultivars. The scientific basis of roses selection, which had been founded by him, had given the Nikitsky Botanical Garden an opportunity to become a leader in the country's rose breeding in 1960-1980s...

     Man of fantastic destiny - the emigrant, the prisoner of imperial and soviet prisons, he was friend N.Vavilov whom not time rescueed him from prisons. Kostetsky has died in the age of 75 years. Till last day he was on the his post in Nikitsky Botanical Garden. This book is a tribute of memory to the big scientist and rose breeder.

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    About authors:

Yuta Arbatskaya during 20 years worked in Nikitsky botanical garden as the landscape architect. The author of a different kind of projects and scientific publications. She is author more than 100 scientific and popular scientific articles. Awards: rank "Patron of art of Year" in Republican competition of museums of Crimea (2010), Chekhov's literary premium of the Crimea (2012). Now she works as main landscape architect at Alupka Palace-Museum. Interests: history of landscape architecture and landscape gardening art of Southern coast of Crimea, history of roses, history of Russian emigration.

Konstantyn Vikhlyayev - the historian, the regional specialist, the publicist, the author of popular scientific editions and poetic collections of "Aurora's Diaries" (2007) and "Calm" (2009). He is member of the Union of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus writers of Crimea and member Yalta branch of "League of protection of culture". The President of public organization "Association Rose Amateurs of Crimea". He is winner of the Chekhov's Crimean literary award (2012).