Tale about lifes and adventures of the valorous knight Nikolai Anhorn von Hartwiss in Crimea and about his beautiful roses

    Until lately the life and creative activities of Nikolai Anhorn von Hartwiss, the second director of the Imperial Nikitsky Botanical Garden was almost unknown to the world science. Only now, in recent years a number of different publications about that extraordinary man appeared. The spectrum of his professional interests was so wide-ranging that it will take more than one study to render homage to the contribution of N. von Hartwiss to the national science. For the first time the authors of the book tried to summarize archival data on the work of N. von Hartwiss in selection of roses. The book also gives the former unknown details of his biography and genealogy.

    About what the book? Certainly, about roses. And about man who created them. Now almost all roses by Hartwiss are systematized and fixed. This are first. Secondly, names of roses have helped us to learn better about history of gardening on Southern coast of Crimea in first half of XIX centuries. Thirdly, under names of roses it was possible to find out, than took a great interest Hartwiss, what he was in a life. We hope, that the book will assist historians to estimate merits of first rose breeder in Russia.

    The small fragment from this book is here (in Russian): http://kajuta.net/node/2710

    The full list of roses created by Hartwiss is here: http://kajuta.net/node/2789

    The book is on sale here: http://crimeanbook.com/arabatskaj.html

    About authors:

Yuta Arbatskaya during 20 years worked in Nikitsky botanical garden as the landscape architect. The author of a different kind of projects and scientific publications. She is author more than 100 scientific and popular scientific articles. Awards: rank "Patron of art of Year" in Republican competition of museums of Crimea (2010), Chekhov's literary premium of the Crimea (2012). Now she works as main landscape architect at Alupka Palace-Museum. Interests: history of landscape architecture and landscape gardening art of Southern coast of Crimea, history of roses, history of Russian emigration.

Konstantyn Vikhlyayev - the historian, the regional specialist, the publicist, the author of popular scientific editions and poetic collections of "Aurora's Diaries" (2007) and "Calm" (2009). He is member of the Union of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus writers of Crimea and member Yalta branch of "League of protection of culture". The President of public organization "Association Rose Amateurs of Crimea". He is winner of the Chekhov's Crimean literary award (2012).